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Windows IIS Reverse Proxy by URL Rewrite

I have an IIS which connects to Internet.  I want to use it as an inbound proxy to connect to a Linux web server behind. I want to do SSL termination at IIS.  I can share the same SSL certificate and  I don't want to manage SSL certificates for one more server.

Internet <--https--> <--https--> IIS Inbound Proxy <--http--> <--http--> Linux Web Server

The Linux web server can be accessed inside DMZ, say  The IIS web server can be accessed from Internet, say I want to access the Linux Web server from Internet, say

This is the easiest setting to have the same virtual path in public URL and internal URL.  It is because the HTTP response rewrite is much simpler (only to replace internal hostname with public hostname).  If you have different virtual path for public URL and internal URL, then you need to work on the "Edit Outbound Rule" session.…

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